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Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think.


NASHVILLE - 200 miles from Memphis

ATLANTA - 392 miles from Memphis

NEW ORLEANS - 414 miles from Memphis

HOLLYWOOD - 1821 miles from Memphis



Indie Acting Studio offers professional training.

►Weekly acting classes, 

►One-on-one private classes,

►Celebrity workshops, 

►Industry specialist workshops and so much more.


Indie Acting offers training for the most talented beginners and experienced professionals. Acting Classes should feel like home, where you come to feel safe, to explore, to develop, to grow and a safe place to fail, ...without abuse or judgment. 
Our students are very supportive. If you study here, you will find we genuinely care about one another. Like a family. To us, acting is more than a job, for many of us, it is a calling.
What you learn with us, may change your acting career completely.  if you're already a working performer, our classes will almost certainly cause you to book more work.  I expect you to work on your acting every day, Strive to develop your imagination and expand it. 


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