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►2 workshops - Taught by Atlanta/Los Angeles Acting Coach CINDY HOGAN - 
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  D E C E M B E R  A C T I N G   W O R K S H O P S   

Many actors want the opportunity to ask questions and spend time with casting professionals so they can get an idea of what is expected. Breaking down the audition process by focusing on the scene is vital.


This workshop is about working scripts, knowing what questions to ask, helping the actor find out who they are, and about being able to understand their character.

We will be spending time working Film and Television scripts while including the element of improv allowing the actor exploration beyond the words on the page.

The purpose of the workshop is to build confidence in making choices and realizing that will come with stepping away from what feels safe and relying on one’s individual unique strengths.

Spend the day with Regina Moore identifying what makes you unique as an actor.

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 December 11th