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   Indie Acting Studio Founder  


   Acting Outside the Box   

Monday's & Thursday's 6:00p to 9:00p - $30.00  

There is NO one way that works for everyone when it comes to acting.  Not even for the natural actors.  When it comes to acting you must be open, confident and able to deliver. 


 Forrest classes, gives all students the opportunity to develop skills using many styles of traditional acting, that can be applied easily, effectively and specifically.


Group acting classes help build the confidence to participate in scenes using several acting techniques. The best way to learn how to act is to get up and do it, and watch each others' work evolve and grow.


Even if you have never taken an acting class before, or need some brushing up on skill sets, Forrest weekly classes offer valuable exercises to develop a strong acting foundation.

     Payment Methods    

Pay per Class


Pay for the month

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