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Candace McGowen


I am honored to say Forrest has become my teacher, my mentor, my coach, my auditioning partner, and best of all a Friend. He has supported me, encouraged me, and challenged me. His classes have opened up the acting world for me and have given me the ability to meet other local actors, writers, directors, and producers. He has helped me fulfill my dream.

Sean Whalen


“I have been lucky to work in the entertainment business for over a quarter of a century.  And from the biggest Hollywood heavy hitters to the small independent movie makers, one common trait prevails in everyone who is successful:  a passion for helping others stay motivated and positive.

Forrest Pruett, founder and head teacher at Indie Acting Studio in Memphis, excels at making his students feel special, heard, welcomed, and positive.  Memphis is not in the center of all movie making, but he preps them for the work in their area and I know of students who drive for hours to attend his classes.

I am proud to be a part of an organization which is ethical, fun, positive, and most importantly, a community.  And that is all due to Forrest.”

Jerry Kimble Jr.


Forrest has a voluminous knowledge of film that is well respected around the Memphis community and the Mid-South by directors and actors alike. If you are looking for a place to start your dream, or to put some WD-40 on your acting chops....Indie Acting Studio is the place to be, hands down

Lisa Lax


Forrest is on top of it. 

If you are a local actor or actress and you haven't been to Indie Acting class, Why?  What are you waiting on?  It's just one more opportunity to connect, to train, to hammer out the scenes.

Jeremy Benson


Forrest puts his heart into his work. His passion shows. He's tapped into the local acting scene like no other. While casting for Shutter and Live Animals, it was Forrest we went to, knowing we would get the actors we needed

Jarrod Spicer


With open accessibility to Forrest who is always there with sound advice for my acting career, who provides private lessons to help dig deep and discover what it takes to land roles and become a great actor with nothing but support and constructive criticism, there is no way to not grow and improve! 

Marty Ray


Engaging, Knowledge, Training, Networking, Family, FUN. Just a few words that come to mind when thinking of Indie Acting Studio. If not for Forrest Pruett I wouldn't have a passion for acting at all. He helped me discover the fact that beyond a Singer/Songwriter I was an actor as well. 


Indie Acting Studio has been a launch pad for my acting pursuits. I have been a part of numerous films, did my first TV commercial.  This past year has brought tremendous learning experiences, opportunities and most importantly I have met the best people ever.  I’m looking forward to the future. I will always be grateful to Indie Acting Studio! 

Pamela Erwin


Mallorie Lindsey


Indie Acting provides a non-judgmental working environment and allows you to learn from watching other actors.  Forrest Pruett has many years experience in the business and gives great constructive criticism. Indie Acting not only teaches you how to become a better actor but also helps you to understand the auditioning process and show your talents in the audition room

Forrest's class not only gives you the confidence and skills for acting on camera, it connects you with other professionals in the industry.  Forrest will bring in professionals, looking to cast their next project. You get to work on current and upcoming material in a friendly and encouraging environment while also getting your face in front of the people who can hire you. You will work with the best to become the best actor you can be. It's like that old saying, "Iron sharpens iron.""

Jillian Barron


Regina Moore

I have had the opportunity to teach at Indie Acting over the past few years in Memphis Tennessee.

I found a comfortable location for actors in the region to excel. Forrest Pruett, Owner-Operator / Instructor / Acting Coach works to create weekly opportunities for interested students to attend classes that help them learn and grow as working actors.  He invites Instructors from all over the country so they can share what they have experienced  through exposure to the industry. This offers his students multiple approaches, ideas, and views exposing them to a wealth of industry knowledge. 

He invites casting directors to share what they have learned from their profession as well as Directors and what they look for in an actor. I have seen Forrest work tirelessly to inspire actors to reach their goals and beyond. I always look forward to visiting his studio and working with his dedicated actors through his example.

I highly recommend anyone seeking training towards a career in acting to check out Indie Acting and all it has to offer.


Anthony Nguyen


I decided to become an actor  One of the first things I did was to regularly attend classes at Indie Acting Studios. Since then, I developed an audition technique, signed with a first and second agent in the Southeast region, landed 70+ request auditions over a 12 month span and made multiple speaking appearances on national and cable networks - episodic and commercial. 

Arnold Edwards II


Indie Acting Studio is invaluable to the filmmaking community. Studio founder, Forrest Pruett, graciously pours every ounce of his passion, vast talent, and immeasurable experience into every person and project graced by his assistance. Any and all involved in filmmaking stand to benefit greatly from collaborating with Indie Acting Studio.

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