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Ongoing classes are essential for any actor who is serious about working in the industry today. Even the most competent actors need to hone their auditioning skills, sharpen their ability to make adjustments, and consistently shine in front of the camera. Given the benefit of Forrest’s experience and knowledge, his actors are able to successfully tackle all the demands of the business and consistently have a leg above the rest!

Adult Weekly Classes 
from 6:30 pm​ -9:00 pm​
from 11:00 am-2:00 pm
Adult Acting Classes Every Week

My group acting classes give you an intimate opportunity to work with and learn from other talented actors. My goal is to give you the personal attention, acting techniques and career guidance you need.

Audition Technique - Cold reading - Scene study - Improvisation - Character & Script analysis and more.


$20.00 per class 

Private Classes 

Private Coaching is available on an as-needed basis, for any type of help you may need.  All the necessary steps to really pop, 

One-on-One Classes

I specialize in private acting coaching. My one-on-one coaching sessions are great if you are just starting out, preparing for an audition, or want to fine-tune your skills 


$45 per hour 

Youth Acting Classes

No matter how experienced or how confident they are, We take youth performers with just a dream (or desire) and help them become bookable actors.  these classes will teach what is needed as well as techniques that will help them grow in all settings.


$150.00 Monthly

SR HS.jpg

Professional actor headshots are the single largest factor used when casting agencies decide whom to call and whom to skip over. Having an acting headshot is an absolute necessity.


Packages starting at $99

 Audition Taping

Perfect for actors who need it fast or simply can’t make the audition,

Getting put on Camera

Multiple takes, High quality video and lighting -  it is now more important than ever for actors to be able to send in better than average taped auditions.


For a 30 minute session- (($50.00 ))
For a 60 minute session (($65.00))

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