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Getting Paid to Act

The Business of Acting with  Danielle Lozeau 

This workshop will cover the Ins & Outs of how to get yourself started in your Career, how to market yourself in large markets, how Branding is Oh so important, and that significant approach to getting an Agent to look at you. Let me also show you how a taped producer session works with a scene provided!

This includes a step-by-step guide on Marketing, Branding, and contacting Agencies & Casting Directors, Q&A Session, and a taped Producer Session Audition – which will be emailed to you with feedback.


 ►DATE► JUNE 23rd - 10am to 3pm 


Danielle Lozeau has over 125 combined film and television imdb credits shes proven her alacrity towards roles that carry more risk and variance than your average young actor. Danielle appeared in the FOX hit TV series Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and two Blockbuster hits Legion and The Eye. In February of 2010, she gained recognition and critical acclaim with a Best Actress Nomination for her performance as Maria de Alverta in Garden of Hedon, at the Terror Film Festival. Lozeau completed work on six different feature films 

 ►FEE► $100.00 - 5 hours of IMPORTANT information 

 CLASS LIMIT IS 16   Call to 901-267-1000 to reserve your seat


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