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When do classes start?

Our classes are offered year round in monthly four-class course sessions, except for December and other months in which there are holidays. Less than four classes may be offered in those months, and the monthly session tuition is of course pro-rated based on the number of classes.

When can I join a class?

That decision is yours, as long as you have received notice of our course content and refund policy 14 days before your scheduled join date, and class space is available. Each class is self-contained and stands on its own. If you decide to join a class midmonth, we will prorate the monthly session fee based on your start date.

How much do your classes cost?

Monthly tuition for one session of 4 youth/teen classes is $150, and monthly tuition for one session of 4 adult classes is $185. Many of our students choose to enroll in consecutive monthly sessions, because they are learning in and enjoying our classes. If you would like to ensure your class space from one month to the next, you may pay a deposit of $75 for youth/teen classes or $92.50 for adult classes, which will secure your space in the next monthly session. At the beginning of the next monthly session, you may choose to apply your deposit to that session’s tuition or roll it forward to the following month.

Do you need acting experience to enroll at Next Level?

No. We gratefully accept all experience levels from beginning to advanced. While we have working and aspiring professional actors in our classes, we also have many students who are in class just for the joy and education it provides.

Does my child need to audition to be accepted into Next Level's classes?

No, as long as we have room, we gratefully accept all students who want to enroll.

How do I join classes?

For youth/teen classes, please call Elsa Ward at 936-321-2565, or e-mail her at For adult classes, please call Deke Anderson at 936-321-5102 or e-mail him at

Can Next Level get me or my child an agent?

No. Only you or your child can do that.

Will I get work as an actor, because I take your classes?

No. Many of our past and present students from over the years have felt strongly that we have helped their careers significantly, and have been kind and gracious enough to say it. And we LOVE to promote our students' work and success -- we are like proud parents. But please do not expect to get an agent or book work based solely on the fact you take our classes.

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