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Jeremy London starred along Sam Waterston in the drama series I'll Fly Away which was critically acclaimed garnering an Emmy award for Best Drama. 

Jeremy went on to other projects such as the cult comedy Mallrats directed by Kevin Smith and his role in the series Party of Five as the Griffin Holbrook alongside Neve Campbell. 

Jeremy has received three People's Choice Awards, and three Telly awards for his directing debut of the Documentary Secrets Through the Smoke 

Jeremy has also successfully segued into directing, writing, and producing his own films.  His feature film directorial debut of the thriller The Devil's Dozen proved he is a skilled director and will be directing many more films in the future. 

Jeremy London / Acting Workshop

SATURDAY - Aug 24th - $75.00

Jeremy has created his own method of approaching acting called "Creative Visualization" which has helped many new and experienced actors build complex characters by visualizing a version of their performance as they prepare for a role.  


Jeremy will help you quickly learn and have a stronger grasp of your acting choices. - Be prepared to have fun and learn what it REALLY takes to create a successful career in Film and Television!


Jeremy focuses on giving you the tools you need to build a career in film and television.  Students will learn inside techniques that go beyond cold reading, scene analysis, video auditioning, creative visualization, on-camera work, and much more. 

This classroom is good for anyone interested in working in the film industry

Class is NOT limited to actors. 

 Jeremy London Workshop - $75.


    ► 2PM - 5PM  



 Close Up and Personal 


 Class Limit is 12 Max 


7. Don M

8. Grace M





1. Linda J. 

2. Karen S

3. Kregg J

4. Stephen B

5. Tony V

6.  Jo Jo Q


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