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  Advanced Stage Combat   

With SAFD Member/Instructor

  Jyo "Six" Carolino  

Saturday, jan 27th -2:30pm to 6pm $100. 

The Saturday Showdown Workshop: Fight Scene Performance: Escalation and De-Escalation

A fight is often the highlight or climax of a scene, but the payoff is in the emotional buildup at the beginning and the physical catharsis at the end. This workshop breaks down how actors develop those moments before the fight - where/how to identify the threat and the thought processes of different characters. Then once the fight is done, we examine varying characters' mentality after violence has been committed. How do different character portray shock? Catharsis? Peace? Anyone can perform choreography with enough practice, but an informed and prepared actor can truly bring a fight performance to the next level.

 Class limit 16 

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 Accelerate your skills  

This workshop is all about working fights based in closed, tight environments. We will be adapting a combination of military CQC and civilian self-defense techniques for choreography, then performing it at varying levels of spacing and intensity. 


►  Learn from a professional 

Whether you are a neophyte or a veteran to the stage and screen, you can take advantage of Jyo’s position as a professional fight choreographer and director. His experience in both real-world and theatrical combat colors his insight into stage fighting, and soon you will learn new ways to approach any stage fight. You will also be learning about the demands of the stunt industry, how to manage working in a fast-paced production environment, and the value of combat in film/theatre. 
About Jyo "Six" Carolino 
Jyo "Six" Carolino is a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer representing the Society of American Fight Directors and Dance Nocturnal Productions. He grew up studying many forms of martial arts and self-defense shooting before developing a passion for theatrical violence. His choreography has spanned over half a decade throughout the midsouth -- including the Dance Nocturnal film I AM SPARTAN and the webseries GAUNTLET RUN. Six is also a freelance voice actor and motion capture specialist. His voice can be heard on Chatterbox Audio Theatre, several audiobooks, and a local radio station.

1. Lauren E
2. Rufus
3. Rachel
4. Steve B
5. Robert C
6. Odell H
7. Caroline D
8. Kennedy H
9. Tony F
10. Kellee S
11. Terrance R
12. Dre H
13. Justin CC
14. Chris T
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