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Youth Acting Classes Ages 7 to 11

Every Tuesday - 5:30pm to 7pm 

 Acting Classes Provide Children with More Than Just Fun  
   Enhance your youths listening skills      



 Enhance Listening     Build Confidence     Boost Public Speaking Skills   


     Is your child a natural performer? Does she or he enjoy being the center of attention? Then indie Acting Studios Acting Classes for Kids is the perfect program for your child. It will teach how to contain and direct that energy into 
their natural abilities are honed and focused to allow them to express themselves in these theater classes for kids in a way that they will feel fulfilled and successful.

    Even if your child doesn’t dream of being an actor, you may still want to talk to him or her about taking acting classes. That’s because these classes aren’t just for budding actors. In fact, there are a number of different ways that acting classes for kids are beneficial to young people. 



CLASS LIMIT IS 10   Call to 901-267-1000 to reserve your seat.

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