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 Firearms/Tactics for Camera 

M A T T   C L A N T O N

 Learn and Train with the BEST in the Business 


9am to 6pm $190.00

9am to 6pm $190.00

NO PRIOR TRAINING is necessary to attend, we welcome beginners on and up to experienced professionals wishing to learn something new. A lot of material is listed for each course, but don't let it make you feel overwhelmed. Many of the techniques overlap and compliment one another.

ALL TRAINING is conducted with safety as our first priority. Props weapons are used throughout. Absolutely NO live firearms, ammunition, or live blades (edged weapons) are allowed in the below listed training. 


       2 Ways to Pay      

 Firearms/Tactics for Camera: Part 1 (4-hours) 


 Firearms safety/handling for portraying law enforcement and military characters on camera (handguns and rifle)


Safety checking firearms (loading and unloading with props)


The key differences between replica firearms, blank firearms, dummy/resin firearms and how to discuss them with productions


Basic room clearing (Solo and 2-person teams)

 Firearms/Tactics for Camera: Part 2 (4-hours) 

Intermediate room/structure clearing for S.W.AT. roles (4-person teams)

Reloading drills (Standard and one-handed/injured arm reloads)

  Proper equipment use (Tactical gear, holsters, slings, etc.)
Transitioning from rifle to handgun

 Transitioning from rifle to handgun

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