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Sean Whalen Acting Workshops
One Day Class - NEW DATE DEC 5th - 9am to 6pm - $150.00

Sean Whalen is a highly sought after acting instructor. 


We are privileged and excited to have Sean Whalen of PLAYHOUSE WEST IN HOLLYWOOD offering actors his focused ACTORS TUNE UP! 



Sean Whalen is a working actor, writer, and producer with 30 years of experience in Hollywood. He has worked in literally every type of genre in entertainment: large studio movies, small independent films, comedy TV, dramatic TV, Soap Operas, children’s shows, commercials, etc. Being involved in the business from all sides has given Sean a wealth of knowledge that he is excited to share with new actors trying to expand their knowledge so they can have a long career in show business. He has been working consistently in TV/FILM, amassing over 128 IMDB credits. 

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