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 Master Class Every Tuesday with  

Corey Parker

 Advanced On Camera Technique 

Tuesday's - 6:30pm to 9:30pm $40.

18 years and older

 About the Class 

 ►  Corey Parker's new 6 week workshop is designed to take every actor to the next level in their work. In this class, Corey Parker will teach ON-CAMERA audition and performance techniques that he has taught for 18 years in New York, Los Angeles, as well as at Rhodes College, University of Memphis and for the Memphis Film Commission. 

 ►   Each week actors will work on new scenes and veteran actor Corey Parker will share his technique for finding the clues that the writer has left, for approaching the character and for utilizing the actor’s own uniqueness- which is the gold mine of every actor’s work. New scenes each week will give regular opportunities to develop new habits. 

  ►   On-camera technique will be the focus throughout, in both its practical sense as well as in its creative sense. Every class will have a Q and A session, where actors are encouraged to ask for what they need. Corey will offer help to every actor according to their work, their goals and their dreams. 

 ►   Corey has been a SAG actor since 1979 and has worked with some of the great actors and directors of our time. 

 ►   Bring your acting journal.

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 Pay per Class 

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 Class Dates 

Tuesday's - 6:30pm to 9:30pm 

JUNE 12th - Complete 

JUNE 19th - Complete 

JUNE 26th- Complete 


JULY 10th- Complete 

JULY 17th- Complete 

JULY 24th- Next - Register now

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